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    Posted on October 13, 2012 by Clare in Trial run.


    We are very happy to be receiving such positive feedback from St

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    Pauls The Apostles Seminary School that the laptops have been received well and are being put to use. The cooperation with our partner school is essential in order to gain valuable feedback as to how the laptops are being used, so we can learn form our first batch and improve things going forward.

    We very pleased to get such great initial feedback. The school is not long back form summer holidays and so starting to integrate the laptops into their lessons.

    Thanks for your efforts, we are very happy to have computers and the students too are excited about it and they are making a good progress” Fr Davie Mambo

    The support does not end here though and we will be working closely with the school to make sure the laptops continue to be used, to help with any initial teething problems and also ask for their continual feedback as to how they are using them. Its only with this insight into how they are using them that we can make sure they get the most out of the laptops, support them as they continue to use them, as well as taking this information forward to make sure our future partner schools get the best experience.

    On behalf of Malaptop and also all the students at the school, thank you to everyone who supported us, from donating laptops to supporting our fundraising events in order to ship the laptops to Malawi. We are always looking for more support as we expand, so keep up to date with us on Facebook and Twitter, links are below



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