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    Posted on August 11, 2014 by admin in Dealing with donations.
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    We have 25 laptops that just need your help before they can be shipped

    The laptops that get donated to Malaptop come in all states of repair. Some have their full power cable, a fully functioning screen and all their keyboard buttons working.  These ones are processed and boxed pretty quickly once they have come in, ready for the next shipment to Malawi. However other donations that come in are missing some of their hardware.  One of the most common situations is that the laptops are donated without a power cable, which means that they can not be sent out until we get excess power cables, which is pretty rare. Others get donated without hard drives, after the donor has removed them.

    Currently we have 25 laptops that are almost ready to go but they are just missing 2 prong power connector. We are really keen to get these laptops ready by the end of August so that they can be sent out in our next batch for the start of the school term in Malawi. If the laptops are in the schools at the start of the term, the pupils are able to follow the full curriculum and so the laptops are much more beneficial to the school.

    Do you have a spare power cable?

    Do you have a spare power cable?

    Can you please have a look in your cable drawer/box to see if you have any of these cables that you are not using.  It is just the 2 prong power cable we are looking for, which is common for many different electrical appliances. If you do have them, please email simon@malaptop.org or drop them into any of our drop off points listed on the website.

    For every cable you donate, one laptop is able to go to a school in Malawi.

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