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    There are fewer skills more important and useful than writing a letter. Whether you are applying for a job, writing to your local member of Parliament or just keeping in touch with family and friends, letters can help you advance in the world. This is one of the skills that we were keen for the pupils who received the laptops to learn, because it can be used to open so many doors.

    The school the first batch of laptops were sent to, St Paul the Apostle, does not have a dedicated IT teacher. However, the teachers who do have IT skills are teaching the pupils different basic IT. We were very pleased when we heard that Fr Titus Bayani was returning to the school after completing his course at the University of Malawi. Fr Titus has been across to Stirling a number of times in the last ten years and hosted me when I worked in Malawi in 2009.

    Fr Titus has sent through some pictures of the pupils learning how to type a letter.


    You can see the typewriter that was previously used sitting on top of the unit behind the class. It’s great to see how people’s donations enable the students to use technology that is much more up to date! The version of LibreOffice that is installed on the machines is from 2012.


    Not only will letter writing help pupils get a job once they have left school, many professional jobs will require them to write letters as part of their day to day. The skills that the pupils are learning on donated laptops will be with them throughout their lives!

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