• Introduction to CYD’s End-user computer training

    Posted on May 27, 2016 by James Gondwe in Malawian Schools.

    Students of CYD End-user computer training

    This post first appeared on the CYD Malawi website (www.cydmalawi.org

    Centre for Youth and Development designed the Youth Learner-ship program reactivating the unemployed youth and combating long term unemployment by equipping the unemployed youth with training to assist them become productive and employable. CYD offers training in life skills, End-user computing and entrepreneurship through its Chibavi Youth Development Centre located in Mzuzu City. The Centre provides the learner-ship program, in-door and outdoor games, Library and condom programming.

    Recently TWELVE End User – Computing students from Chibavi and surrounding communities in Mzuzu City graduated at our Chibavi Youth Development Centre as part of a Youth learner-ship program. The Graduation was graced by Mr. Reuben Moyo Assistant Lecturer at Mzuni. End-user computing is a skill sought for by a lot of people Malawi. Computers have brought about a revolution across all industries in the developing world including in Malawi. They have changed the face of society. They are no longer specialized tools to be used by specially trained people. They are used in almost every sphere of life. If you walk in streets of some rural areas in Malawi you will find them in use as long as they are connected to power. Computers have become a daily utility and are the best means for processing documents, storage and management of data. They have gained immense importance in day-to-day life. Their increasing utility has made computer education the need of the day.

    The training was made possible through support from two Mzuzu University Students Vigilant Vijimbo and Israel who worked with CYD on internship. The two students continue to provide End-user computing training on voluntary basis amid their studies. Another cohort of 11 students has been started this week. Our partnership with Mzuzu University ICT Department is developing and we sincerely believe that we will continue to host Mzuzu University Students in our programs. Looking forward, CYD would benefit from Mzuzu University Students support in our Malaptop, improving access to ICT and the solarberry project.

    There is a very big demand for End-User computing and computer related training in Malawi but CYD only has the capacity to conduct training for a maximum of 12 students at time as it conducts the training with only 8 computers. The vision of the learner-ship programme is to develop a fully fledged computer lab for both theory and practical. CYD is also looking at further partnerships with university and certifying boards so that students graduates with authentic certificates.

    CYD presents an amazing opportunity for people all over the world to join them in the mission of creating a conducive environment for Children and Young people to develop to their fullest potential. There are numerous ways you can work with us on this mission; volunteering, donating, conducting a fundraiser and sharing and talking about our work. For those in Scotland you can join us on our mission by contacting our partner organizations Malaptop and the Turing Trust while those in Switzerland can contact our partner International Project Aid.



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