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    Delivering the Malaptop project is going to be a challenge and there are many obstacles that we will have to overcome to achieve our goals. One of the largest problems that we had envisaged was the delivery of teacher training and the evaluation of the schools.  We are delighted to say that we have teamed up with the Centre for Youth and Development based in Dowa in the Central Region, Malawi to help tackle these particular challenges.



    The Centre for Youth and Development (CYD)  facilitate the development and empowerment of young  people in Malawi by strengthening the quality and increased availability services. It partners with community organizations,  youth organisations, schools, policy makers, funders, and others to create  programs, train staff, and advocate for policies that encourage and enable young  people to transition successfully to  adulthood. It does this with the help of a wide network of volunteers throughout the country that are co-ordinated by a core team who are experts in community led development. The CYD operate a number of projects that the feel can meet the needs of the young people in the areas they work.  Malaptop is now their top current project.

    cydclassCYD Malawi have identified the next five schools that will benefit from the laptops that are donated in Scotland.  All of these schools are Community Day Secondary Schools (CDSS) which arelocal government schools that cater for the communities that they are in.

    • Matandwe CDSS, Zomba
    • Mponela CDSS, Dowa
    • Mkwichi CDSS, Lilongwe
    • Zolozolo CDSS, Mzuzu
    • Chibavi CDSS, Mzuzu

    CYD Malawi are organising the training of the teachers in the operation of the Lubuntu operating system and how it can be used to complete the MSCE in Computing Studies. They will also be keeping in regular contact with the schools on our behalf and providing feedback reports so that we can identify any problems and work with CYD Malawi and the schools to fix them.

    You can expect to hear a lot more about CYD Malawi and their work with Malaptop in the coming year. In the meantime feel free to check out their website, Facebook or Twitter accounts for more info.


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