Why Lubuntu?

We have chosen the Linux OS Lubuntu for a number of reasons.

It is small

Ubuntu only needs 5GB on the internal hard drive compared to 16GB for Windows 7. There are smaller versions of Linux, but Ubuntu is small enough to ensure that the hard drive will not get clogged up with system files.

It is easy to use

Ubuntu is designed to be “linux for human beings” and as such is an ideal crossover for Windows users or computing novices. The version that we shall be using is called Lubuntu because it has a desktop environment (LXDE) that is similar to that on Windows computers, so any teacher who has had only a little bit of exposure to computers before will find it easy to use.

It is the most popular Linux OS

Ubuntu has millions of worldwide users and so if the pupils do come across a Linux computer later in in life, chances are it will be Ubuntu. Also having the largest user community also means having the biggest support network, which will be useful for those who can connect to the internet.

The programs that are available on it

The Ubuntu software centre has 1000s of free programs that can be quickly and easily installed. The idea will be to install a number of basic programs such as Libre Office, Banshee and Gimp, along with some educational games so that lessons can be constructed to enable the pupils to pick up skills while working in groups.

To see exactly what it is that we install on the donated laptops you can download our adapted version of the operating system below and test drive it on your machine.  Be aware that the .iso file is large (approx 1.1 GB) and so can take up to 20 minutes to download, depending on your connection.