What are we doing?

To make the most of the laptops that we receive and to maintain an interest in donations, we are:

Writing guides

The majority of the teachers who will be showing the pupils how to work the computers will be entirely new to computing as well. “Idiot’s guides” to all the programs would help them get their heads around the teaching material, and allow them to pass on the skills.

Written guides will help teachers

Suggested lessons plans, designed for group learning would be very useful as well to give the lessons some structure. These guides would need to be in a language they can understand, so people who can translate to French, Spanish, Arabic etc would be really useful.

The current guide is here.

Sending out in batches

We are sending the laptops in batches of 5 or 10, depending on class sizes, the pupil to laptop ratio would be low enough that they would actually get some hands on experience. This is better than sending them out one at a time, which would result in the pupils just watching demonstrations.

Get schools in Scotland involved

Stirling High School is running a Malaptop project as part of their Charities Campaign. During this project the pupils involved will learn how to change the operating system on a computer and how to configure a Linux system. They will also be creating a short video about their school to be loaded onto the laptops that are going out to their partner school. Once Stirling High School has successfully sent out their first batch with us, we will be approaching other schools to do the same thing. For more info check out the Scottish Schools blogs.

Inform donors

A Malawian school saying “Zikomo Kwambiri” to their sponsors

Once a batch has been sent out to a school we should tell those who had donated their laptops exactly where they have gone. This will be done by creating a profile of each of the schools where the laptops have been sent and by allowing the donor to see this profile by typing in their email address.