• Guest blog: Importance of Computing to Malawian business

    Posted on January 9, 2013 by admin in Guest blog.

    As part of our drive to learn more about the need for computing in Malawi we have asked a number of Malawians, in business, academia and NGOs to tell us why they think I.T. education is important. This first post is from Justice Wemba (blue shirt, front row), Finance Director

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    of Medical Consultants Africa Ltd which supplies medical equipment to Malawi.


    Impacts of computing in Malawi

    Computers have revolutionised all aspects of life worldwide. Initially this was perceived as an instrument to speed up processes in research institutes or solving mathematical problems. However, over the years computing has infiltrated all our tools that make life comfortable for human beings. In the process, a number of serious risks have been eliminated which could have occurred due to human errors. Further, whilst computers were extremely huge in size when they were initially invented and developed, they have since improved to miniature sizes with vast and great computing power available today.

    The case for Malawi

    Many jobs are demanding their staff to have knowledge of some use of computer programs

    In Malawi computers were introduced in late seventies in tertiary education to solve tedious manual calculations and statistical problems. A lot has since changed since then and it is now impossible to imagine how computers can be left out of learning, even from primary school levels, because as well as solving mathematical problems, computers have infiltrated other applications that are also important to make life’s activities more manageable and efficient. Computers have revolutionised life, in that programs that run on them can do so much in so little time that every business that can afford one would want one. Think of an office set up, the computers can run payroll programs, connect with each other and allow seamless communication between staff, run accounting packages, automate and control production processes where humans could easily make mistakes with catastrophic consequences, etc. Computer power is even in our homes, without us really thinking too much about the sources of such efficient gadgets we have. For example, digital wrist watches, TV sets, phones are all examples where computer power and electronics have completely influenced our way of doing things and thinking at the same time.

    Electrical maintenance of medical machinery in Malawi

    In offices in Malawi today, it is impossible to consider various processes carried out completely manually without the assistance of computers at some point. Many jobs are demanding their staff to have knowledge of some use of computer programs/packages in some ways such as Word , Excel, PowerPoint and email because it has been recognised that computers improve output and make some processes more efficient. There will be no turning back because new products that being manufactured all over the world, some of which is also used in Malawi, are increasingly fitted with some computer powered chips to function properly.

    It is therefore inevitable that computer knowledge be a requirement for this and future generations

    Computer power is being added to so many human activities in the form of high technology that those who choose to ignore it will forever remain behind. Most hi tech equipment uses some computer power behind the scenes and so even maintenance of such equipment requires computer knowledge.

    It is therefore inevitable that computer knowledge be a requirement for this and future generations in order to cope with modern innovative processes in the field of education, medicine, business, and many other aspects of life.

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