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Malaptop is a new organisation with ambitious but realistic goals. To ensure that Malaptop is a success we are going to be forming a committee of volunteers to carry out our activities. This committee will be made up of different people, who have different skills that will drive the development of Malaptop. This is a great opportunity for anybody with an enthusiasm for international development, education or open-source computing to make a big difference. If you would like to get involved in Malaptop please consider the positions below to see how you can help.  This is the first time that the committee has been founded and so committee members will have a massive impact on how the charity moves forward in the future.

Committee members are not required to be trustees.

What is required of the Committee Members

Time commitment – each of the committee volunteers would be expected to commit 2 -3 hours a week. This will obviously vary throughout the year depending on activities..

Location of Volunteering – the location of the volunteering activities will depend on the role, In most instances volunteers will operate at a time and place which suits them best. Initially committee meetings will be held in Stirling and therefore it will be beneficial if the committee member is able to travel to Stirling easily.

Support and Training – Each volunteer will be given a detailed breakdown of the project after they have been signed up.  This will also be a time for Malaptop and the volunteer to decide what further training, if any, would be required for the volunteer to carry out their role successfully.

Expectations of Volunteers – The committee positions are voluntary and each volunteer will be required to sign a brief Volunteer Agreement. In this agreement the volunteer will acknowledge that they will:

  • Act in the best interests of Malaptop and not act in a way that will bring the name of Malaptop into disrepute

  • Cooperate with other committee members

  • Inform the Chairman if they feel that they are overwhelmed with work or are having difficulties

If you have any questions please email

Schools Officer

Malaptop hopes to run a programme in Scottish schools that will encourage school groups to collect donations and teach the pupils in Scotland about how to refurbish computers using Linux. We are looking for a Schools Officer to help carry out this role.

Role The Schools Officer will be responsible for ensuring that the Malaptop programme in Scottish schools works smoothly.  This will involve ensuring that the teachers responsible have the necessary knowledge and tools to run their groups, the laptops are collected and dropped off for data cleansing, and schools are interested in getting involved.
Responsibilities The responsibilities of the Schools Officer will include:

  • Initially, working with interested teachers to create the materials needed and outline the schools programme,

  • Potentially speaking to school pupils in the necessary years to generate interest in creating a Malaptop group or donate to Malaptop,

  • Co-ordinating the collection and data wiping of the laptops,

  • Being able to answer questions from teachers and pupils about the programme and Malaptop.

Attributes This would be a good role for either a teacher or college University student and the following attributes would be advantageous:

  • Knowledge of the Scottish education system,

  • Confident public speaking,

  • Good communicator,

  • Experience of Malawi, or a similar country.

The Schools Officer will need to undergo a Disclosure Scotland background check before they can carry out their duties because the role will involve working with young people.

If you would like to apply for the position of Schools Officer, please fill out the short Application Form.

Fundraising Officer

Malaptop will need to raise funds to be able to do carry out the work it wants to do.  These finds will come from a variety of sources and we are looking for a Fundraising Officer to help carry out this role.


The Fundraising Officer aims to ensure that Malaptop has enough funds coming in to cover its operational costs. This will include organising fundraising events, writing to companies and trusts, commercial recycling of unsuitable laptops and the online solicitation of gifts.


The responsibilities of the fundraiser will include:

  • Locating charitable trusts that can be applied to

  • Taking the lead in writing applications to charitable trusts, bringing in the support of other committee members where appropriate

  • Organising fundraising events, such as ceilidhs or sponsored events to raise awareness and funds

  • Working with the Marketing Officer to promote online donations

The role of Fundraising Officer would ideally suit an enthusiastic, outgoing individual who is able to work on their own initiative and encourage a team. the ideal candidate would have the following attribute:

  • Infective enthusiasm for the aims of Malaptop

  • Experience with organising events

  • A good clear writing style

  • Awareness and/or experience with the Gift Aid Scheme

If you would like to apply for the position of Fundraising Officer, please fill out the short Application Form.


Downloadable documents

  All Committee positions

Application Form