Charity Check In

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What is  a Charity Check In

We are aware of the need for new and innovative ways to raise funds and awareness for charities as pressure is put on traditional funding sources. One way that we are tackling this is by encouraging cafes, bars and restaurants in the Stirling area to sign up for a Charity Check In scheme.

A Charity Check-In is when cafes/bar/restaurants encourage customers to Check-In on Facebook to say they are at a cafe/bar/restaurant, by donating money to a charity for every Check-In.  Check-Ins help create awareness as a type of peer-to-peer marketing. However unlike other forms of Facebook advertising, the businesses has no control over them.

How it would work

Jenny goes into Cakes R’ Us for a takeaway coffee

  1. While waiting she sees a sign on the counter that says “Malaptop is an awesome new charity that does good things. You can support Malaptop by Checking In to Cakes R Us on Facebook. Each time you Check In Malaptop gets 50p”

  2. Jenny thinks, “That sounds cool, I don’t normally Check In but OK”

  3. Jenny uses her smartphone to Check In while the barista makes her coffee

  4. Jenny’s friends see her status and are linked to the Cakes R Us page, good publicity for Cakes R Us.

  5. The number who people “who were here” on Cakes R Us page increases by 1.

  6. Once this increases by 100, Cakes R Us donate £50 to Malaptop.

Incentive for the cafe/bar/restaurant

Social media marketing is a big business, with consultants charging thousands of pounds an hour for sessions. This would be a relatively inexpensive way of increasing your social media impact through peer to peer marketing. The average UK Facebook user has 476 friends and peer to peer marketing has always been a strong way of promoting businesses so Check-Ins are a great way to raise awareness of your company. Also, the business can reduce its tax liabilities and promote its Corporate Social Responsibility at the same time.

In order for the cafe/bar/restaurant to sign up they will need to have an active Facebook Page with their location available for Check In.  Once the business is signed up they will be asked to fill in a Check In Agreement (Click to View), which allows them to stop the scheme at any point.