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    Posted on April 8, 2013 by Simon in Setting up a charity.


    There are a couple questions that we have pondered since Malaptop was set up. We know that there is a great need for pupils to be prepared for the 21st Century and that for us to help them on their way we need to spend money on things. But how do we convince other people?

    • How do you convince somebody that I.T. education in Malawi is just as worthy a cause to donate their hard earned cash to as Oxfam or the Red Cross?
    • How can you find trusts that are willing to support a new charity, fresh to the scene of international development?

    Making it easy

    MonthlydonationWe are busy people, especially on the internet. Minutes spent giving money to a worthwhile cause is time that could be spent on Buzzfeed, and we appreciate that. So we have made it as easy as possible for people to donate money to Malaptop online through VirginMoneyGiving. All donors need to do is put in some details about themselves, and they can give a single gift or set up a small direct debit with Gift Aid. Its easy and quick, go ahead try it. Done? Good, now you can reward yourself by checking out these dogs that are just huge!

    Not that it was super fast to set up. Because we are a new charity setting up online giving involved dealing with HMRC, who have a 8 week turn around before they read anything. So the whole process started in December and involved sending off sending forms from one organisation to another so that boxes can be ticked. A wee word of advice to anybody who sets up a VirginMoney Giving charity account in the future, is to give them your HMRC documents at the start with your Gift Aid number. Saves ages!

    Making it fun

    If your fundraising events are great fun then you can hold them more often without it being a chore on the people who support you. Living in Scotland is great because ceilidhs are a great way for charities to raise money, and they also give you a chance to explain the charity ideas to new people! There are also a load of resources available to help you organise one if you haven’t done it before.


    Our ceilidh was held in Dunblane and was a great success, running our own bar really helped with the funds and we were able to leave information leaflets on each of the tables so that newcomers could learn a little bit more about what we are doing. And, most importantly everybody had fun. We know this because cool, young, hip people talked about it on Twitter!

    There was a problem connecting to Twitter.

    Making it new

    Setting up a charity during a recession doesn’t always seem like the brightest idea as there is an increased pressure put on traditional funding sources. However, that’s not a good enough excuse for us and so we are trying to be as innovative as possible in raising the funds we need to continue.

    Like every other transaction, people donate to charity for a reason. This can be compassion, for tax benefits or that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you help a good cause (What do you mean you don’t know that feeling? Try it for yourself) We need to think about how we can convince companies and individuals to support Malaptop, and what incentives we can offer them. With this driver we will be coming up with new ways to fundraise that help both the donor and Malaptop.

    Malaptop BC3


    Our first idea is the Charity Check In, which supports cafes and bars as well as Malaptop. You can read more about it here and will hopefully see a poster coming to a cafe/bar near you in the not to distant future. Other initiatives will hopefully follow soon so that we are able to achieve our goals as a charity in a financially sustainable way.

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