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    Posted on December 4, 2012 by Simon in Scottish Schools.

    The last time the Malaptop team worked together was when we were at Stirling High School, working on a Young Enterprise Scotland company called ‘Image’ that sold Fairtrade hampers at local trade fairs.  We have hopefully learned a bit since then and the seeds of social enterprise were sown early.

    As you might know, we are looking to set up a schools programme in Scotland that creates links between Scottish and Malawian schools and promotes social entrepreneurship and I.T skills in the Scottish schools.  We had approached Mr Hamilton, who ‘supervised’ the Young Enterprise Scotland groups when we were there, earlier in the year to try and work out the best way to get Scottish schools involved in Malaptop. He had gave us some great pointers, highlighting issues we would need to overcome before a school would be comfortable setting up a group.  We decided the best way to move ahead with the schools programme would be to promote the idea to one school and develop the programme there, before offering it to other schools. Guess which school volunteered to be the Malaptop pioneers?

    Its strange going back to your old school and seeing your old teachers. Stranger still when they are sporting some serious Movembers! Facial furniture aside, it was a great meeting and we were able to iron out the various concerns that the teachers had concerning security and distribution.  Their enthusiasm for the project really encouraging and they had already managed to locate a number of laptop donations! The teachers also sang the praises of the Stirling High School Charities Committee that  have already done some great work this year and so we are looking forward to working with them!

    Some of the basics that were decided on are:

    • The Scottish school will aim to supply one Malawian school identified beforehand, but will supply multiple depending on the number of laptops donated;
    • The hours that the pupils contribute to their Malaptop group can be accredited for their Duke of Edinburgh or Saltire awards;
    • The data cleansing shall be carried out securely by Malaptop
    • The pupils will learn how to install Linux operating systems and  how to configure them;
    • The pupils shall fund raise the costs involved for shipping the laptops to Malawi.

    There was a problem connecting to Twitter.

    Watch this space indeed! If you are keen on getting involved in the schools programme one of the volunteer roles that we are looking to fill is a Schools Officer that will help co-ordinate and expand this project in the future. Interested? Check out the description of the role on our Join the Volunteer Committee page.
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