• Finally got the syllabus!

    Posted on February 1, 2012 by Simon in Trial run.

    This week we have two bits of good news, the laptop configuration has been decided and we have finally managed to get our hands on a copy of the MSCE syllabus for Computing Studies!

    We are using the Lubuntu distribution of Linux. Lubuntu has all the benefits of being an offshoot of Ubuntu, so the range of programmes and support that is available is great. The layout is also similar to Windows and this will make it easier for teachers who have only experienced Windows.

    Screenshot of blank desktop with Malaptop background

    The background was created using GIMP and is supposed to be ‘energising’ and ‘modern’ . However, this is the first background that I have created and if any body wants to send me their own suggestions then I’d be happy to change it. Either post it in the comments box below or send it to me

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    in an email.

    So far we have decided to install the following programmes:

    • Full LibreOffice suite
    • Chromium Web browser
    • GIMP Image Editor
    • Audacious
    • GNOME MPlayer
    • Bluefish
    The syllabus for the course (see below) could be completed with just the LibreOffice suite but the other programmes are installed in case the schools wish to progress beyond the syllabus. Having the extra programmes will also allow the pupils to produce professional standard projects and add to their employable skills.

    Screenshot with LibreOffice Writer and Chromium

    This week was the week we finally got the Malawian Computer Studies syllabus sent through! It has been quite a challenge to get this and has taken weeks of emails that seem to disappear into the ether. I have to thank Bennett of the University of Malawi for going to Zomba to pick up a hard copy and scanning it through to me. It had taken a good few months to track down, made more difficult by a lack of an electronic copy but it is definitely worth it. The syllabus has not been updated in over ten years and was written on the assumption that computers are not readily available. The copy that was sent is a series of scanned images and so I am working to turn it into a text document that will be easy to distribute and annotate. Have a look at the syllabus here. There is a lot of emphasis on learning definitions and recognition of computer components.

    Once the schools have the laptops I think it is safe to assume that the pupils will be eager to get started with them. So one of the ideas we have had is to find videos that cover the theoretical aspects of the course and load them on to the computers. We shall do this with a couple of the subjects and give example questions for them for this initial batch and gauge the reactions from the teachers to see how this fits with their learning style.

    We are still looking for people to help out with the various aspects of getting Malaptop moving. There is more info on how you can get involved on the Get Involved page. Check it out!

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