Donating money

Malaptop needs money to cover a lot of things that can’t be done for free. This includes, shipping, publicity, website costs and support on the ground for the schools. Without donations from supporters Malaptop will not be able to send the laptops it collects to the schools in Malawi that need them nor will it be able to stop people dumping laptops that can still be put to good use.

Please consider making a donation to enable us to carry out this work.

Donate Online

A small monthly donation can really make a difference.It will give Malaptop a regular income stream that can be relied on and allow us to plan into the future. For the price of a couple of pints a month you will help to make Malaptop sustainable and allow us to keep doing our work. The Monthly gifts are set up as Direct Debits and can be cancelled at any time.

A number of people prefer to give to charity in single sums. Every donation is very gratefully received, no matter how large! Don’t forget to add Gift Aid to add an extra 25% to your gift for no extra cost to you.

The links above will take you through to our donations forms on VirginMoney Giving’s pages. This is the partner we have chosen to use to organise our online collection because we feel that they are the most cost effective and collect Gift-Aid on our behalf. The breakdown of the charges that VirginMoney Giving apply to us for your donation can be found here.

Donate by Post

If you would prefer to donate by post please send a cheque to ‘Malaptop’ to:

c/o Aiton & Co Chartered Accountants
Baltic Chambers
50 Wellington Street
G2 6HJ

If you are elegible for Gift Aid please compete this form and send it in with your donation.