• An Update from Malawi

    Posted on January 1, 2013 by Clare in Trial run.

    We have received another update from our first recipient school in Malawi in how they are getting on with the laptops.

    It’s great to hear the laptops are being put to great use, the students are having two classes a week.  Initial feedback was that the Ubuntu system was new to the teachers and so it was taking a while for them to get used to it before they could teach.   Now the students are happily pursuing the computer studies and following the MSCE syllabus however they will not sit exams on the subject until next year when both teachers and students are ready for it.

    The school has also requested that some of the laptops could also be used to adult learning as well as the students in the school.  Its great to hear just how our unused laptops can make a difference and be used by a variety of people.


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